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bana_claims's Journal

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Check out the sister Communities: seanbean_claims, karlurbanclaims, viggo_claims and orlando_claims

I am (currently) your Mod cynegyth

Feel free to take one of the banners to promote the Comm/put on your userinfo. Just put a link back to us!

Claims will be divided into four categories (well it used to be 4 and now it's eight!)~

1: Eric Bana characters
2: Charactor expressions/Personality Traits
3: Quotes
4: Scenes
5: Physical bits of Eric
6: Items
7: Friendships
8: Types of Bana

If ya think of anything else then mention it!

Only three people (not including myself) can claim any particualar item as otherwise this would go crazy. But you can claim as many items as you like!

The Rules!

1: NO FLAMING! Ya get one warning... then you're gone.
2: Put pics behind a Lj cut and warn if they're not worksafe
3: No Hotlinking or stealing things without permission
4: Got any problems then come to me. Don't start an argument on the Comm!

Thanks all for now you Have your Orders lol

If you wanna create Banners then by all means do carry on. Perhaps it would be cool for you to post them here so we can all share them!

If you're gonna be a Perv then I say why cover it up?! lol Perving is healthy.

Now get claiming!!!


Eric Bana characters - Charactors
Personality Traits - Traits
Quotes - Quotes
Scenes - Scenes
Bits of Eric - Physical
Items - Bits'n'Pieces
Friendships - Friends!
Types of Bana - Types